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  1. Jarrod on April 29th, 2009 · Link

    Dear Mr. Chen,

    Your books are great! Also I have a book report book due tomorrow and I am using China’s Son as my book. Your life was hard back then wasn’t it. :grin: :blush:

  2. Da on April 9th, 2009 · Link

    You guys rock!!!! thank you….Da

  3. Martha on April 4th, 2009 · Link

    Dear Mr.Chen,

    I a 9th grader have just finished reading your book Sword. I loved the book. I read because it sounded interesting. I didnt read it as a requirement for a class but because I wanted to. I loved the way you played with your words and the colorful descriptions you used. It painted pictures in my head and I was able to see what you wanted me to see. I want to read your other books. And because of that I will go look for them. :grin:

    Your newest fan,


  4. Molly Prybylowski on April 3rd, 2009 · Link

    Dear Mr. Chen,

    I’m a 12th grade student at Shenendehowa Highschool and have recently had the opportunity to read Colors of the Mountain in my english course. The struggle depicted throughout your novel had a great impact on me. At this point in my life, I have a had minimal exposure to how people live in others country. Reading about what you endured in order to recieve a college education helped me realize how truly fortunate I am to be a student in America. It has motivated me to continue working hard in school because I know that there are many people who would go to any limit in order to get the same education.

  5. Bryan Marotta on April 3rd, 2009 · Link

    Dear Mr. Chen,

    I have just recently finished reading Colors of the Mountains and I was very impressed. Myself as a reader I am not really a big fan of memoirs but your book was something different. I feel that just the way you wrote and how smoothly everything flowed I just enjoyed the reading very much. Your experience is something that I could never imagine myself trying to get through and you deserve a lot of respect for that. You showed us that no matter what you are or what type of family you come from anything is possible if you really set your mind to it and get after it. All in all you have inspired many people that have read your book and hopefully one day I have the opportunity to meet you at Shenendehowa High School it would be an honor.

  6. Christian Wilhide on April 3rd, 2009 · Link

    Dear Mr. Chen,

    In my high school English class we have just finished reading your book, Colors of the Mountain. This book has really inspired me, after hearing your story and what you and your family has gone through, I want to try harder in everything that i do. I also enjoyed reading about the history of China during the cultural revolution. I am going out to get another one of your books today because I really enjoyed reading this one. I have a question though. Did you keep a journal of your childhood or is this book based on memory, because you have very specific quotes and I was wondering if those were memorable quotes to you or if you just paraphrased what you remembered from those conversations. Thank you again Mr. Chen for inspiring me to be the best that I can.

  7. Anthony Colletti on April 3rd, 2009 · Link

    Dear Mr. Chen

    I just finished reading your book colors of the mountian i have to say greatbook. I do not like memoirs very much because i find them hard to relate to, but you have a way of writing that drwas you in and keeps your attention. I couldnt imagine growing up in China during the cultural revolution, If most people went through what you did they might have givin in and mabey stated to accept that they weren’t as good as everyone else. This book gives inspiration to many people and lets you know that if you stay strong and belive in your self that you can get through any hardship.

  8. Sean Conroy on April 3rd, 2009 · Link

    Dear Mr. Chen,

    I just finished reading your book, Colors of the Mountain, in my high school literature class. I found it to be inspiring and a tale that most people can relate to. In your early life you overcame a great amount of adversity, and you fought through it to become the successful author that you are today. Because of this, I feel that I can overcome any pressures in life that come my way. Several experiences that you had are humorous, but also have a moral to them. One example of this is when you threw the heavy wooden chair and hit your enemy, Han. To me, this passage was about standing up for yourself, even when others are trying to put you down. Thank you for writing this memoir, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great read.

  9. Sarah Mohamed on April 2nd, 2009 · Link

    Dear Mr. Chen,

    I recently read your book “Colors of the Mountain” in Mrs. Jacques’ 21st Century literature class. I really found this book inspiring and entertaining. Your style of writing was so fluid and easy to read. There was a good balance of emotions throughout your memoir. As an adolescent you overcame so many obstacles in your life which I could not even envision experiencing. I greatly admire your determination. I only could wish to have a bit of the determination you possess. You showed me that if you put your mind to something you will succeed. When you talked about your brother Jin, Cousin Tan and yourself studying for the college entrance exam I realized how important education is in life. I found it very similar to our SAT; I also studied a lot for it to ensure that I get into a good college. This was one of the many ways I found your book relevant to my own life.
    I want to thank you for providing with an insight of life in China during the Cultural Revolution. I would have never obtained the understanding of what life was like during those times if it weren’t for your memoir. Thank you!

    Yours truly

  10. Olivia on April 2nd, 2009 · Link

    Dear Mr. Chen,

    In my literature course in school, we have just finished reading your book, Colors of the Mountain. I found it very interesting to read about China during the Cultural Revolution from the perception of someone who has actually been through it. Your writing is captivating, and easy to relate to because of all of the personal experiences that you included. It is very admirable how you persevered through difficult times, and stuck to such a demanding study regimen in order to prepare for the exams to get into college. Reading Colors of the Mountain makes me appreciate the opportunities that I have had in my life, as well as those to come. Thank you very much for this wonderful piece of literature.

  11. Madeline Prickett on April 2nd, 2009 · Link

    Dear Mr. Chen,

    I have read your book and found it very interesting to read about China because I was born in China as well. I have lived there for four years, in an orphanage, and was then adopted. It was interesting to read about my culture through your stories. You’re book gave it a more realistic perspective than the history books do. It must have been very difficult to live there during the Cultural Revolution and I thought you and your family handled the situation very well. You’re book is uplifting and it makes me see that even in the toughest times never to give up on my dreams and have hope for the future.
    I was wondering what happened during your college years and how you came to America. Are you still in contact with your family and your four friends?
    I hope that some day I will be as successful as you are. Thank you for your inspiration.

    Madeline Ma Zhen Xiu Prickett

  12. Vivian Chen on April 2nd, 2009 · Link

    Dear Mr. Chen,

    I just read your book, Colors of the Mountain, in Mrs. Jacques’ English class. I would just like to take a moment to tell you how I felt about it.

    After reading your book, it is almost my obligation to tell you how much I admire your extreme resilience. Although you have probably heard this a million times before, you endured what many would deem the unendurable; and the truth is you did more than just “endure,” you succeeded. I am very moved by your story.

    I also really admire the motivation you had. I still can’t imagine how you got through it all, but I know I probably wouldn’t have. I feel that your ability to keep faith yourself and your ability to remain optimistic is the mark of an incredibly strong person. I thank you for writing your book and for inspiring me, and people everywhere, to chase their dreams, no matter what.

    And about the book itself, I think it is extremely well written. You shared your story very skillfully— you crafted a perfect balance between the sad and serious experiences and the lighter and happier ones. In addition, I found your story relatable on many different levels. Although we obviously did not grow up the same way or go through the same obstacles, your messages are universal. Whether it is the value of friendship or the importance of keeping your head up and believing in yourself, I think these are things everyone can relate to, and it is great you made it so accessible.

  13. Dylan Sherman on April 2nd, 2009 · Link

    Dear Mr. Chen
    I am currently reading your book, Colors of the Mountain in my senior literature class. I must say this is a great book whan it comes to learning what the Cultural Revolution was. The material that we learn in Global History can only teach us so much compared to your book. what we learn in Global History just teaches us what the Cultural Revolution is, it doesn’t go into much detail, and does not give us a true sense of what life in China was like during that time. your book takes care of that part. this book taught me that life in China was a rough one, espeacially when it comes to being born into a landlords family and it goes into detail with that. Great job Da Chen.

  14. Stephen Brown on April 2nd, 2009 · Link

    Dear Mr. Chen,
    I am a High School senior at Shenendehowa in Clifton Park, New York. I have just finished your memoir Colors of the Mountain. Prior to reading your memoir I was totally unaware of life in China, especially during the time period your adolescent life took place. It truly amazes me to the fact of how well that you handled your life and all of the struggles you had to overcome. I was very happy to see how important your friendships were to you because I could easily relate to that. My friends have helped me through everything I’ve gone through just as your friends did for you. I would like to thank you for writing such a heart felt memoir, I can only imagine how hard it was for you to write such a detailed recollection of your life, especially with everything that happened during your lifetime. It would be great if I could thank you in person but if I do not get an opportunity to do so, Thanks and good luck with everything.
    Yours Truly,
    Stephen Brown

  15. Nicole on April 2nd, 2009 · Link

    Mr. Chen,
    I am currently reading “Colors of the Mountain” for my senior high school English class, and would just like to take a second to tell you how inspiring this memoir was. I am not much of a reader but I thoroughly enjoyed this piece of literature. It was very interesting to learn about how the common life was in China, and how different it is from my life here in New York. Your struggles were truly inspiring and reminded me that it is always possible to not only overcome hard times but do go beyond anyone’s beliefs, and be successful. Thank you very much for sharing your story with all of us.

  16. Rob Arnold on April 2nd, 2009 · Link

    Mr. Chen,
    I am currently a senior at Shenendehowa High School East and I have just finished your memoir for my english class. I have been required to read many books throughout my highschool career, but i must admit your memoir was one of the most inspiring. Your ability to perservere through the many hardships you faced during your childhood has made me appreciate the life I have been blessed with. I would also like to say that your conversational writing style and your use of “explicit” language allowed me to relate to your story and made it all the more enjoyable. I thank you for sharing your story with the world and I look forward to reading the sequel in the near future.

  17. Zach on April 2nd, 2009 · Link

    For my senior literature class, we are currently looking at a few foreign works and discussing thier relationship with american literature. Your memoir “Colors of the Mountain” is our latest assignment which i have just finished. Your struggle growing up was something that moved me and made me realize that through even the worst, you can come out on top and be successful, just as you did. You really are a role model for those underprivileged kids who are thinking about giving up and taking the easy way out because they don’t want to put the effort in. Fresh in my mind is how much time you put into your schoolwork and what you were willing to give up for it. Your work ethic is remarkable and i would like to thank you for influencing me to work harder and put in the effort instead of just coasting through life. Thanks again and i cant wait to read your next book!

  18. Justin Dempsey on March 31st, 2009 · Link

    Mr. Chen,
    I am currently in the process of reading “Colors of the Mountain”. I would just like to briefly thank you for expanding my knowledge of the Chinese culture. I have always been intrested in foreign countries and their life styles. This book helped me understand China better than any text book could ever do. Also I would like to say (no matter how fleeting or unimportant this may seem due to the fact this happened many years ago or the fact that it is coming from some random kid in high school) you have my respect because the friendships you shared with your sworn brothers is truly touching and real. I believe that friendship is one of the most important things to have in life. This in retrospect does not seem so brief but oh well. Thank you once again. If I am to never speak to you again I wish the best for you. If I am to speak to you.. well still I wish you the best and am honored to get the opportunity to talk to you.

  19. Caitlyn on March 31st, 2009 · Link

    Dear Mr.Chen,
    I am a Shenendehowa High School who read your memoir Colors of the Mountain. I really enjoyed your book; it gave me a deeper knowledge of post-communist China, as well as information that is not readily shared about China’s culture as a whole. I have learned more from your memoir about China then I have ever learned in any social studies class in my student career. Thank you for sharing your life story with so many people.

  20. John Santosuosso on February 27th, 2009 · Link

    We met when you spoke at Florida Southern College, and you graciously sent me a copy of “Sounds of the River.” In that book I not only heard the River’s sounds but also found the soul of China. Thank you is most inadequate for the gifts you have bestowed on me. I shall always remember.

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